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Double Helix is a timed 3D DNA matching game.

Match the colored ADENINE-THYMINE and CRYTOSINE-GUANINE pairs before time runs out. Perform double matches for more points.

Have fun!

Font information was generated using AngelCode's Bitmap Font Generator (http://www.angelcode.com/products/bmfont/).

This application is written in C++ and developed for the 64-bit Windows 10 OS. It uses Microsoft's D3D11 or D3D12 for graphics (depending on the selected executable).

Made withPaint.net
Tags3D, dna, match, medical
Average sessionA few minutes


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Double Helix (D3D12) 138 kB
Double Helix (D3D11) 130 kB

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It's a race against the clock as you match the sequence pairs. To get a high score, you have to balance double matches (where after one swap both pairs are correct) and using too much time finding them. The spinning makes it harder, especially when you're trying to go fast! Cool idea.

It won't launch. i5 4690k, r9 390, win 10 pro64. When I click the exe, I watch it appear on the details tab in Task Manager for one second before dissappearing. I did get the unknown publisher warning once. Five minutes now no launch. Admin launch and compatibility doesn't help. can't keep it open long enough to dump.

Hey musikaffe57, I'm sorry that it failed to launch for you. I suspect that something failed during initialization. I'll add some logging to help track it down.

Hey musikaffe57! I just uploaded a new version. See Hotfix 1 for what changed and let me know if you're still experiencing your issue.

Still no launch. startup log is empty. I have the latest vc_redist.x64 installed.

Very interesting. The fact that the log is empty is useful information. I'll take another look and see if the issue reveals itself.

Hey, can you check one more time that your startup.log is empty (ensure that the the application is not currently running/attempting to run)? Also, can you verify that you have the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Update 3 (x64) installed as well. If there's anything worth noting about your Windows installation (e.g. you use a special theme, have certain features explicitly disabled, interesting resolution, or refresh rate) please let me know.

The only way that I can see for the file to be created (and empty) and the application exits the way that you described is for windows to kill the app due to a missing dependency (e.g. shared library). In the case where windows kills the app, it would typically display a message box indicating the that something was missing.

Anyway, I just want to offer up some additional information to get you working; however, I would completely understand if you were done trying to get this to work on your machine. Keep me posted if you have any new information and thank you again for downloading, attempting to play, and your feedback thus far.

I don't mind testing stuff.  I figured it out. It's my triple monitor setup. If I only have one screen plugged in it works. I'm using DVI, hdmi, and vga. The DVI and HDMI are on an R9 390 and the vga is onboard intel 4600. Any combo of DVI and another monitor causes it to fail. With dual monitors, I restarted my pc and checked the log. It's still empty. Verified, I do have the latest visual c++ installed. Fresh win10x64pro install from last week. nothing special or changed. No indicators of missing anything. 

Thank you for the extra information and troubleshooting. I was about to reproduce what you've been experiencing by setting up a dual monitor on my side as well. Finding the issue also immediately revealed why your log file was empty as well. I just submitted a new version and outlined the changes in Hotfix 2. Your startup issue should be fixed (if not, let me know). Thank you again.