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Schemer is a command line interpreter for the Scheme programming language. You're not expected to have any prior programming knowledge in order to use Schemer.  For users with no prior programming knowledge, Schemer features a tutorial mode to help you become familiar with Scheme and how to use it. For users with existing programming knowledge, Schemer provides in-application help documentation to allow you to immediately get started in Scheme.

Supported Scheme special forms:

  • Quoting: quote
  • Sequencing: begin
  • Lambda Expression: lambda
  • Lexical Binding: let, let*, letrec
  • Iteration: let (named), do (loop)
  • Definition/Assignment: define, set!
  • Conditionals: if, cond, logical or, logical and, logical not

Supported Scheme procedures:

  • Standard Functions: print
  • Arithmetic Operations: +, -, *, /
  • Numeric Comparisons: =, <, >, <=, >=
  • Numeric Operations: min, max, abs, mod, ceil, floor, round, trunc
  • Numeric Classification: zero?, positive?, negative?, odd?, even?
  • Power Functions: pow, sqrt
  • Exponential Functions: exp, log
  • Trigonometric Functions:  sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan, atan2

Special features:

  • Tutorial Mode: A step-by-step mode that teaches how to use the Scheme programming language is accessible through the schemer-tutorial console command.
  • Help Documentation: In-application documentation for all supported special forms/procedures is accessible through the schemer-help and schemer-find console commands. The help documentation includes syntax, examples, and a description of the special form/procedure.
  • Colored Output: Errors  and return values are output to the console in red and green, respectively.


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