Scheming After Christmas

After spending the holidays with family and friends, I got back to putting the finishing touches on  Schemer. This week was spent adding new math procedures to Schemer.  Below is the categorized list of added math procedures:

  • Numeric Operations: min, max, abs, mod, ceil, floor, round, trunc
  • Numeric Classification: zero?, positive?, negative?, odd?, even?
  • Power Functions: pow, sqrt
  • Exponential Functions: exp, log
  • Trigonometric Functions:  sin, cos, tan, asin, acos, atan, atan2

In addition to math procedures, the schemer-find console command was added to allow you to quickly display Scheme help information for any entry matching the name passed to it. This complements the schemer-help console command which displays all Scheme help information.

Last, I've been making additional passes on the tutorial mode in order to make the explanation of Scheme concepts as simple and straightforward as possible for those new to programming. The tutorial mode has become an interesting linguistic exercise since I'm trying to avoid presenting users with walls of text because I feel that that can be a bit intimidating. What that means is that I have been iterating on the tutorial lessons trying to figure out how to explain them with less words. My primary goal for the tutorial mode is for it to enable each person to get that feeling of, "hey, I can do something cool with what I just learned!" Where "something cool" could be as simple as getting the interpreter to print out their name or getting the interpreter to count from 0 to 10.

So that's what's been going on. Things are steadily coming together and I'm looking forward to sharing Schemer with you soon.

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