New Year, New (Sche)me

So it's officially 2019 (yay!) and the plan is to release Schemer by the end of the month. As always, I've been diligently working to get all things Schemer to  a nice place. Here are a few of the things that I've accomplished since you were last here:

Support was added for the cond (short for conditional) special form. The cond special form is an alternative to using the if-statement special form. The cond special form is kind of like combining multiple if-statement where each of the branches of the if-statement implicitly contains a begin special forms. It's perfectly fine if none of that made any sense to you because I also added a new lesson that explains the cond special form more in depth.

I also performed a usability pass for Windows and Mac OS  to visually standardize how I reference things within the command prompt/terminal. On Windows, I switched to using the orange for headings, commands, procedures, and special forms. On Mac OS, instead of using orange, I use bold for headings, commands, procedures, and special forms. Also on Mac OS, I switched the green and red output text to be the color in  bold because it made the color more readable within the default white terminal.

That pretty much sums up my current progress this week. I do not expect to add any new special forms (unless the spirit moves me). I'll likely spend these last few weeks tightening up the tutorial lessons, testing out what has been implemented on both Windows and Mac OS, and trying to polish the first time user experience.

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